Warranty Repairs

My controller is under warranty, how can I get it repaired?

1. Download the repair request form.

2. Print and fill out the form, mail form and controller to our shop. (mail-in instructions are provided on the form).

3. We will test the controller upon arrival and email you shortly after.

My repair is not under warranty, what do I do next?

1. Please email us at or reach out to us via our contact form.


Controller Rework / Upgrades

We offer our customers the ability to modify and/or upgrade their custom Nagashock Controller within the first 90-days of purchase. If you’d like to make changes to your controller build, please fill out the rework request form.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find detailed warranty information in our Warranty Information page.

To find more information, including answers to other frequently asked questions, please visit our Help Center.

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