Limited Edition Red ‘Modern Warfare III’ Pro Controller

– ‘Modern Warfare III’ Custom Graphics
– Soft Touch Vampire Red Faceplate
– Crystal Black D-Pad and Face Buttons, Black Create/Options
– Original Black Bumpers and Triggers
– Original Black PS5 Thumbsticks (Left & Right)

Digital Click® Bumpers L1 & R1 – instant activation, Mouse Click.
Digital Click® Triggers L2 & R2  – instant activation, Mouse Click.
2 fast-action tactical rear buttons installed on the back of the controller at position ‘Standard’. (Button Type: Quiet, Button Color: Red).
– Rumbles: (Haptic Features optional) Enabled / Removed
– On-board Microphone: enabled.

NOTE: Button Assignments are from the perspective of you holding the controller while playing.

Red 'Modern Warfare III' PS5 PRO Controller

This is a LIMITED EDITION build available for a short time only!

This original PS5 DualSense controller features our Digital Click Triggers and Bumpers for instant button activation and faster in-game reaction time. 2 Back Buttons (choice X,O or O,X) installed on the back of the controller, perfect for quick movement without taking your fingers off the sticks.

Compatible with PS5 and PC.

Back Button Assignments

Left Back Button = X , Right Back Button = O, Left Back Button = O , Right Back Button = X


Included, Removed

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