A brand-new custom PS5 DualSense controller with a color scheme designed by our team.

– Soft-Touch Purple face plate
– Soft-Touch Green touchpad and trim
– Soft-Touch Green D-Pad, Share/Options, and Face Buttons
– Soft-Touch Green Bumpers and Triggers
– Textured Purple Back Shell
– Green PS5 OEM Thumbsticks (Left & Right)
– Purple Thumbstick Wear Rings

– Stock Bumpers (L1 & R1)
Digital Click Triggers (L2 & R2) for instant activation like a PC Mouse Click for faster ADS / reaction time.
2 fast-action tactical rear buttons installed on the back of the controller at position ‘Standard’. (Button Type: Quiet, Button Color: Green).
– Rumbles: Optional
– On-board Microphone: enabled.

NOTE: Button Assignments are from the perspective of you holding the controller while playing.

Purple Green PS5 PRO Controller

This pre-designed build begins its life as a genuine Sony DualSense PS5 controller and is hand modded by our team to bring you a new level of performance.

Features 2 Back Buttons (choice X,O or O,X) and Digital Click Triggers (L2 & R2) for instant activation like a PC Mouse Click, enabling faster ADS and reaction time, especially in FPS games where every millisecond counts.

Compatible with PS5 and PC.

Back Button Assignments

Left Back Button = X , Right Back Button = O, Left Back Button = O , Right Back Button = X


Included, Removed

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