Custom PS4 DualShock4 controller modded with the latest technology from Nagashock engineering.

Nagashock FPS Predator Build Modifications:

Jet Black DualShock4 base controller with an original Arctic White faceplate.

Digital Click® Bumpers (L1 & R1) — instant activation (mouse click).
Digital Click® Triggers  (L2 & R2) — instant activation (mouse click, Trigger Height: TALL).
2 fast-action tactical rear buttons installed on the back of the controller at position ‘Standard’ (Button Type: Quiet, Button Color: Black).
– Rumbles: optional.

NOTE: Button Assignments are from the perspective of you holding the controller while playing.

Premade builds ship out 2 to 3 Business Days from order placement.

Want to fully customize instead?


White PS4 DualShock4 Controller

Experience the exceptional capabilities of our custom PS4 controller in soft-touch white. This remarkable controller begins as an authentic and officially licensed Sony DualShock4 controller, which is then skillfully modded and transformed by our team. Elevate your gaming experience with enhanced control and precision, along with a striking design. With its custom modifications and superior craftsmanship, this controller offers unparalleled performance, comfort, and versatility.

nagashock custom ps4 pro controller white
Back Button Assignments

Left Back Button = X , Right Back Button = O, Left Back Button = O , Right Back Button = X


Included, Removed

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